For Veterinarians

The form below is for scheduling of mobile echocardiograms.

If you are a new user and would like to use our teleconsulting services, please email us at so we can set you up with an account. If you already are a Cardiac Vet, Inc customer, please login to your database here to submit a case for review:

For referring veterinarians, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly to schedule an echocardiogram appointment in your hospital. (Please do not have pet owners fill out this form).

**For scheduling purposes, please be aware that all submission responses will arrive via email so include a monitored email address to prevent delays

  • Submission Form

  • Patient Information

  • Patient signalment

  • *Please include all relevant information needed for cardiology consultation within this submission form. Emailed files of labwork/history/records sent outside of submission form will not be reviewed.

  • If you are a new customer, please contact to set up an account.
  • If you are a current customer and need to submit a teleconsulting request, please access our database at
  • Please be aware that echocardiograms can only be interpreted in dicom imaging format.
  • For veterinarians/staff only, please feel free to email, call or text 310-913-4122 if you have further questions or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • We can come to you in Los Angeles and greater LA area (Ventura county, Orange County, San Bernardino) and the Bay Area including Marin County, Sonoma County, San Francisco, East Bay and the lower Peninsula and neighboring regions.

For Appointments

  • Dr. Carley sees appointments only at the Animal Specialty and Emergency Center (ASEC) In Los Angeles, CA.
  • Please call ASEC at 310-473-5906, option #2 to make an appointment
  • Dr. Carley is normally scheduled to see appointments beginning at 9:00 am Monday – Wednesday.

PLEASE DO NOT call the telemedicine phone number (323-393-0616) for in person appointments with Dr. Carley – she cannot be reached in this manner for appointments.

Primary appointments, appointments by referral, and second opinions are seen Monday – Saturday by the ASEC Cardiology Service.  Breed-related certifications for congenital heart disease are also available.

After hours, a veterinarian is on duty to accept, triage and manage emergency cases that present to the ASEC.  Emergencies are seen 24 hours a day.  Dr. Carley is always available for ER phone consultation through ASEC about new and existing patients/clients.