For Appointments

  • Dr. Carley sees appointments only at the Animal Specialty and Emergency Center (ASEC) In Los Angeles, CA.
  • Please call ASEC at 310-473-5906, option #2 to make an appointment
  • Dr. Carley is normally scheduled to see appointments beginning at 9:00 am Monday – Wednesday.

PLEASE DO NOT call the telemedicine phone number (323-393-0616) for in person appointments with Dr. Carley – she cannot be reached in this manner for appointments.

Primary appointments, appointments by referral, and second opinions are seen Monday – Saturday by the ASEC Cardiology Service.  Breed-related certifications for congenital heart disease are also available.

After hours, a veterinarian is on duty to accept, triage and manage emergency cases that present to the ASEC.  Emergencies are seen 24 hours a day.  Dr. Carley is always available for ER phone consultation through ASEC about new and existing patients/clients.