Ride Against Racism

Charity Bike Ride

THANK YOU for speaking up and helping us raise 5K for the @bahatifdn. Without your help the world would stay static, but instead YOU helped us make a change. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking. We witnessed a memorial service for a young 14 year boy at the MLK Memorial in Compton named Semaj Miller. While we learned a lot about the black landmarks we visited, we didn’t know we’d witness firsthand the pain and suffering due to systemic racism. RIL (Rest in love) Semaj Miller while we continue to fight for justice so there can be peace. The heartwarming moments were also among us as for the first time cars were honking at us cyclists not to get out of the way, but were instead honking and rolling down their windows to express happiness that we were out riding for a change. It was also heartwarming to have some really great people on the ride all with the same common goal



As the most empathetic group of individuals I know (veterinary community), I ask for your empathy and support for those who need it most. The time is now that we can allow for change.

“For every season, there is a time and a purpose.” Reverend Al Sharpton quoted a biblical scripture at the memorial of George Floyd and I am repeating it now as it struck my heart that I had purpose, in this particular season. As turbulence surrounds us and a new paradigm seeks to emerge, I ask you to please join me in standing behind and up for our black community. Oddly, we live in this world where imaginary lines are drawn to divide states and to separate countries and individuals. We don’t have to live in that world. The time is now where we can live in a society where people are seen as one, as the human race, not individuals based upon the color of our skin. We can live on a planet without separation once and for all and I ask for your help.

In this time and this season, I wanted to create an outdoor protest in the form of a large bike ride – connecting the people and the hobby that I enjoy most (outside of the animals) – this was exactly one month ago, on June 8th. I awoke that morning with this vision and strong inclination that it was my duty to stand up for those who needed us to speak up once and for all. Then, I let time pass, and the season did not change and I was reminded about this duty exactly one month later. And now it is July 8th, and I realized that COVID is a factor that would influence the task at hand. Despite the negative of COVID and the challenges that we have faced and are yet to come, you can find the positive and instead hold on to it. For this reason, I am not organizing a large community in physical contact event, but a solo charity ride that will be supported in the spirit, voice and heart of our veterinary community.

Please join me with your heart and speech and donations to stand up to end systemic racism and the state of separation. I am asking you to please open your hearts (I know you live with your hearts this way) as I ride 50 miles in a ride against racism by donating any amount of money and getting active on social media by posting #rideagainstracism in order to say what needs to be said. Say it loud and say it clear. 100% of donations will go to the Bahati Foundation.

The Bahati Foundation was established by national cycling champion, Rahsaan Bahati to help inner city youths see their maximal potential. Rahsaan himself states it best “We believe all underserved youth can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world. The Bahati Foundation is designed to Inspire, Empower, Impact and Transcend young people’s lives.”

Please visit https://www.bahatifoundation.org/ to learn more about this amazing charity


Thank you for donating and making a change for the better

The Ride Route and Details

  • The date: Saturday, August 29th, 7 am

  • The date is significant as it’s the anniversary weekend of the original March on Washington in 1963 where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

  • Ride will showcase the black communities of the greater Los Angeles area.

  • You can live track me the day of the ride. Link to follow.

  • You can follow the event and details on instagram @cardiacvet

  • Please use your social media to follow the ride and speak up in support with #rideagainstracism